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All TfL (Transport for London) Topographical Assessments are carried out by TfL (Transport for London) at one of TfL Test Centres using computer aided questions. This is mandatory in line with TfL Topographical Assessments.

PCO London is responsible for training candidates how to approach this assessment. We will provide you with similar questions using the same software as TfL (Transport for London) and work with you in groups or individuals to understand the Topographical questions and arrive at the correct answers.

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PCO London Topographical Mock Test:

This is where you can experiance the TfL (Transport for London) Topographical Assessment or Test. PCO London Mock Test is exactly the same software used by TfL (Transport for London) for the Topographical Assessment.

PCO London is the first Topographical Training Centre to have this software, so what you see is the same format as the TfL (Transport for London) Assessment.

All we advise is before you begin make sure that you have a copy of the AtoZ Master Atlas of Greater London (version18) ready a Magnifying Glass, and 90minutes of uninterupted time. These are the same conditions as in the actual (TfL (Transport for London) Assessment. When you are ready have a go and good luck.

1. You will have the exact same software involved in the actual TfL (Transport for London) Assessment or Test. The Question and Journeys are totaly random so there is no guarentee you will get the same Questions or Journeys on the day of your TfL (Transport for London) Assessment or Test.

2. In this Mock Test you will be Questions with multi-choice Answers.

3. In this PCO London Topographical Mock Test there are 3 or 4 Journeys

When you have completed this PCO London Topographical Mock Test press the submit button (bottom right hand side of the screen). You will recieve a response within 3 working days informing you of how you fared in this PCO London Topographical Mock Test. 


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From PCO London thank you and good luck smiley